Vision 2019 - 2024

Vision 2019 - 2024


2019-2024 - five major national initiatives:


The Youth PSE 2035;


The Social and Solidarity-Based Economy PSE;


The Inclusive Digital Society PSE;


The Green PSE, or the Plan For Sustainable Reforestation of the National Territory;


The Industrialisation Cap PSE.

The PSE encompasses a number of large-scale social inclusion and regional equality programmes, including the Emergency Community Development Programme (ECDP), the Emergency Programme for the Modernisation of Border Axes and Frontier Areas (EPMKIA), the Cities Modernisation Programme (PROMOVILLES), the National Family Security Funding Programme and Universal Healthcare.

Three new sector-focused programmes will also be implemented at national level between 2019 and 2024:

The Zero Slums Programme: Building 100,000 new subsidised homes across all local authority areas with more than 10,000 residents, including rural communities

The Zero Waste Programme: Coordinating and promoting investment in solid waste collection and treatment in our urban areas, making our cities clean, healthy places to live in;

The Creative Cities Programme: Putting creativity and the cultural industries at the centres of our urban areas.