Senegal's Flag and Motto

Senegal's Flag and Motto

The flag of the Republic of Senegal is made of three vertical and equal stripes, green, golden, and red in color. It bears in the center of the golden stripe, a green five-pointed star.

The seal
Senegal's Flag

The Green:

For Muslims, green is the color of the Prophet's flag. For Christians, it is the symbol of hope. For Animists, it represents fertility.

The Yellow:

A sign of wealth, yellow evokes the fruits of labour for a people that has given priority to solving economic issues, which are crucial for raising the population’s level of culture. This is the second purpose of the Senegalese nation. The yellow, or gold, is also the color of Arts and Letters; the colour of the Spirit.

The Red:

Red brings to mind the colour of blood, the colour of life, and thus, the sacrifice made by the whole Nation, but it also evokes the passionate commitment and strength that drive each one of our sons in the fight against under-development.

The Star:

The star is a sign often used in the African symbolism. It has five points to show Senegal's opening to the five continents. It represents the sky as well as spiritual values, which are important for a people that relies on more than rice and bread for life. It is green to show, more specifically, the hope of the Young Independence of the Republic of Senegal.

The Motto

" One People – One Purpose – One Faith "

It speaks of our shared desire to live together; our desire (One Faith) for Unity (One People) in building a Nation (One Purpose).