Other Departments

Other Departments

The General Secretary

Military Cabinet of the President:

  • President's Personal Military Staff

  • Inspectorate-General of the Armed Forces

  • Personal Physician to the President of the Republic

  • Aide de Camp to the President of the Republic

  • Presidential Palace Military Governance Unit

  • The Presidential Squadron

Political Cabinet

Cabinet of the Minister in charge of Follow-Up on the Plan for an Emerging Senegal:

  • Operations Office for Monitoring the Plan for an Emerging Senegal (OOMPES)

  • Monitoring Support Fund for the Plan for an Emerging Senegal

Palace Services:

  • Hôtel des Palais présidentiels

  • National Palaces Maintenance Service

Other administrations:

  • Agency for the Promotion of Investment and Major Works (APIMW)

  • Office of the Telecommunications and Postal Services Regulator (OTPSR)

  • National Agency for Relaunching Activities in Casamance (NARAC)

  • Commission for the Protection of Personal Data (CPPD)

  • National Cryptology Commission

  • National Investment Observatory (NIO)

  • National Observatory for Parity (NOP)

  • National Committee for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NC-EITI)

  • Casamance Development Hub Project Steering Committee (CDH-PSC)

  • Office for Architecture and Conservation of the National Palaces (OAC)

  • General Delegation for the Promotion of Urban Centres in Diamniadio and Lac Rose (GDPUC)

  • Abdou DIOUF International Conference Centre (ADICC)

  • Diamniadio Exhibition Centre

  • General Delegation to Encourage the Rapid Development of Entrepreneurship for Women and Young People (DRE/WY)

  • National Cyber-Security School