The Cabinet

The Cabinet

The Cabinet

The President's Cabinet is headed by the Director of Cabinet. In addition, the Cabinet comprises:

  • One or more Ministers of State

  • Ministerial Advisors

  • Goodwill Ambassadors

  • Special Advisors

  • Technical Advisors

  • Project Officers

The President may entrust responsibility for specific matters under his authority to one or more members of his staff.

Ministers of State and Ministerial Advisors attend the Council of Ministers as provided for in their deed of appointment. Members of the Cabinet staff are appointed by Presidential Order.

The Director of Cabinet leads and coordinates the Cabinet’s action. He assists the President in all areas and oversees actions regarding security. He furthermore prepares the President’s decisions and arbitrations, and keeps him informed of their implementation. As such, he not only attends the Council of Ministers, but also Presidential Council and Inter-Ministerial Council meetings. He takes part in work sessions chaired by the President of the Republic, and reviews documents and instruments within his competence, including those that must be signed by the President.

The Director of Cabinet may be assisted by one or several Deputy Heads of Cabinet who have ministerial status.

The Director of Cabinet can rely on his Head of Cabinet, his Secretariat as well as his Project Officers. He may be delegated signing authority by the President.

The President of the Republic is also assisted by a Director of Political Cabinet, appointed by order. The Director of Political Office in particular monitors the relationship between the President and other political parties. As such, the Director of Political Office is aware of politics-related correspondence addressed to the Head of State and prepares draft replies for him. He may be delegated signing authority, by the President, within his area of competence. He may be assisted by a Deputy Director of Political Cabinet who has a ministerial status.

The Cabinet also has a Head of Cabinet, appointed by Presidential Order. He monitors the relationship between the President and civil society, and religious communities, as well as any personal matter entrusted to them by the Head of State.

In accordance with the Head of State’s instructions and in conjunction with the presidential protocol department, with the Director of Political Cabinet, and the Private Secretariat, the Head of Cabinet organises the Head of State’s hearings.

The Office of the President of the Republic and attached departments:

  • State Inspector General's Office (SIGO)

  • National Office for the Prevention of Fraud and Corruption (NOPFC)

  • Committee for Public Policy Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Strategic Orientation Committee for Oil and Gas (COS-PETROGAZ)

  • National Commission for Inter-Regional Dialogue (NCID)

Diplomatic Division:

  • Diplomatic Adviser(s)

  • Office of the Head of State's Personal Representative to the International Organisation of la Francophonie

Protocol Division:

  • Presidential Protocol Department

  • Grand Chancellery of the National Order of the Lion

Major Projects:

  • Council in charge of Infrastructures

  • General Delegation for the Promotion of the Diamniadio and Lac Rose Urban Centers

Security Matters:

  • General Delegation for National Intelligence (DRN)

  • Secretariat of the National Security Council

Division for the Coordination and Exercise of Sovereign Powers:

  • Secretariat of the High Judiciary Council

  • Secretariat of the High Council of the Court of Auditors

  • National Commission for Border Management

  • Office for Urban Culture