The Presidency answers your questions - The Breeding Sector

The Presidency answers your questions - The Breeding Sector

Focus — Tuesday, December 26, 2017

This month, for this session of “The Presidency answers your questions”, we invited you to ask all you wish about the topic of breeding, a major business sector in the national economy, and celebrated during the National Breeding Day, on 23 December, the topic of which was “Finding Effective Strategies for Eradicating Livestock Theft for Greater Social and Economic Stability”. Below are the main questions that were addressed to us and the responses we provided.

Securing the sector

You requested further details about eradicating livestock theft:

Upgrading breeding infrastructures and equipment

You asked us about equipment:

Developing the activity sector in the national economy

You asked for further details about the sector's importance for the economy:

Strengthening the leather and hides sector

Lastly, you asked us questions more specifically about the leather and hides sector: