The Presidency answers your questions - Digital and innovation

The Presidency answers your questions - Digital and innovation

Focus — Monday, February 20, 2017

Having launched its Chatbot, the Presidency of the Republic dedicated its monthly question and answer session to the digital sector.

The “#DigitalSenegal 2025” Plan, a new campus dedicated to innovation, incubators topping international rankings, etc. Our country is now one of the leaders in Western Africa in terms of information technologies.

At this latest session of “The Presidency answers your questions”, your questions pertained primarily to equality in access to digital services and in the efficiency of the Digital Senegal 2025 Plan across the nation. Below are some selected questions & answers. 

Instituting the digital policy 

You requested details about the political strategy instituted by the government and the development of the start-up sector. The question unfailingly brought up discussion of the future city of Dimaniadio. 

Digital and coverage across the nation

Equality of access to digital services, regardless of zone, was also a central focus of discussion. Here is one question on the topic: 

Support to young Web entrepreneurs 

Several of you shared your desire to become a web entrepreneur. On this topic, you requested details about the State's investment to support and assist these company leaders 2.0. 

Digital and development 

Lastly, you raised broader questions about the use of digital in the country’s economy. 

We thank you for having participated and look forward to seeing you next month for the next session of “The Presidency answers your questions”. 

For more information about #DigitalSenegal, view the new compilation of key figures on digital in Senegal.