Socio-economic tour of the President of the Republic in the Fatick and Kaolack regions

Socio-economic tour of the President of the Republic in the Fatick and Kaolack regions

Focus — Thursday, February 22, 2018

On 19 and 20 February 2018, the President of the Republic travelled to the Fatick and Kaolack regions, to see on the ground the progress and achievements of the public policies undertaken.

True to his policy of local contact, rooted in interaction with the populations and players operating in the field of transport, this tour was an opportunity for the Head of State to appreciate the multiple achievements already made in the field of logistics. Implemented since 2012, the Emerging Senegal Plan thus plays an important part in taking down the walls around regions and reducing social inequalities for the well-being of populations, all over the country.

The Fatick-Kaolack road opens

President Macky Sall inaugurated the 42 km Fatick-Kaolack section of the road Totalling FCFA 16.4 billion, this corridor links the South and East of the country via the Dakar-Bamako / Dakar-Conakry / Dakar-Bissau and Dakar-Banjul axes. The Mayor of Kaolack, the President of the County Council, and the representative of drivers and transporters took the opportunity to express to the Head of State their great satisfaction.

Rehabilitation of roadway between Dinguiraye-Nioro-Keur Ayib

On the same day, 19 February, President Macky Sall cut the ribbon for the reopening of the Dinguiraye-Nioro-Keur Ayib road, in the presence of AfDB partners, the Minister of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Access and Related Departments.

Religious visit to Porokhane

On the eve of Magal of Porokhane, the President of the Republic Macky Sall took advantage of his trip to the region to pay a courtesy visit to the general Khalife of the Mourides, Serigne Mouhamadou Mountakha Bachir Mbacké.

Keur Waly Ndiaye - Passy - Sokone road rehabilitated

On Tuesday 20 February, President Macky Sall reopened the Keur Waly Ndiaye-Passy-Sokone roadway, rehabilitated over a distance of 25.5 km.

Work begins on the large Foundiougne toll bridge.

The Head of State then launched construction work on the Grand Toll Bridge in Foundiougne. This latest-generation structure, 1,500 m long and 28 m deep, will be delivered in 34 months.

These various road infrastructures, which each carry their own added value, will thus contribute to improving the mobility of people and goods, at the national level and in the sub-region.