The Presidency answers your questions - Nationwide dialogue: Education and Hydrocarbons, new driving forces in Senegal’s development

Focus — Monday, June 04, 2018

The latest session of “The Presidency answers your questions” offered you the opportunity to ask questions on two key topics championed by President Macky Sall in his inclusive policy: education and hydrocarbons. One of the highlights of Nationwide Dialogue Day proved to be the meeting between the Head of State and students from universities across the country. A time set aside for sharing, reflecting the President’s stated desire to listen directly to what the sectors and national players have to say, concluded with high-impact measures in favour of students. In the same dynamic for dialogue, the Head of State invited all the Nation’s driving forces to take part in the concerted process on how to manage future gas and oil revenues.

A very large number of you submitted questions and we want to thank you. Below are the main questions that were addressed to us and the responses we provided.

Future hydrocarbon revenues: what share will go to Senegal?

Before the national consultation dedicated to the distribution of oil and gas revenues, you asked us about how these revenues will be allocated between the various extraction players:

Should hydrocarbon resources be mined?

You asked whether it is appropriate to extract our resources:

How should these revenues be allocated? 

You asked us about the national concerted process aimed at deciding on the allocation of hydrocarbon revenues: 

Bringing up future generations to mine hydrocarbons 

You emphasised the need to include management of hydrocarbon revenues in the future in the training offered to students today:

See you next month!