Economic Tour: the President of the Republic goes out to meet the inhabitants of northern Senegal

Economic Tour: the President of the Republic goes out to meet the inhabitants of northern Senegal

Focus — Friday, March 10, 2017

From Sunday 5 March to Friday 9 March 2017, the President of the Republic was on a four-day economic tour to the north of the country. The Head of State travelled to the Louga, Saint-Louis and Matam Regions, to assess, on the ground, the current state and achievements of the projects undertaken in the northern part of the country.

For the Head of State, the economic tour was an opportunity to look over the many achievements visible in the fields of agriculture, hydraulics, infrastructures and local community development (PUDC).  Implemented since 2012, the Plan for an Emerging Senegal contributes significantly to bringing the regions out of their isolation and reducing social inequalities for the well-being of the populations.

A new sanitation programme

Arriving in Louga on Sunday 5 March, the President of the Republic oversaw the launch of a sanitation programme covering cities (Louga – Saint-Louis – Matam – Tivaouane – Kaolack – Tambacounda – Touba – Rufisque – Pikine and Dakar). The President took advantage of the visit to go out and meet the people.

A new digital communication plan

In Saint-Louis, the President of the Republic unveiled the Presidency’s new digital communication plan, deployed around the tour itself: the Mobile Digital Area.

It was designed to provide information and keep up close interaction with the Senegalese, so that they can become familiar with the activities of the Presidency on the social networks. Thanks to this mobile digital area, many participants, including university students in Saint-Louis, were able to keep up to date on the achievements and projects undertaken and addressed during the President’s economic tour, all in real time. The presentation of the new mechanism was interspersed with actual log-ins showing the digital content created by the Presidency on the social media as well as discussion with the Presidency team about the new plan.

Rehabilitation, visits and ceremonies in Saint-Louis

Arriving in Saint-Louis on Sunday afternoon, the President of the Republic took part in the inauguration of the new drilling site and water tower in Leybar.

A highlight of the stop in Saint-Louis, the Head of State attended the traditional raising of the flags ceremony, held on Faidherbe Square, the following day. After the ceremony, the President of the Republic initiated the rehabilitation work on the Great Mosque of Saint-Louis.

Third stop: Podor and Démet

Arriving in Podor on 6 March, the President began the third stage of his economic tour, by officially launching the deployment of the post-harvest facility provided by the PUDC for the regions of Saint-Louis and Matam.

The next day, the President of the Republic travelled to Demet for the initial launch of the work to open up Ile-à-Morphil.

Rural roadways, drilling and electrification in Matam

The President of the Republic left the Region of Saint-Louis on 8 March to travel to Matam. He also took advantage of International Women’s Rights Day to bestow equipment on women's consortia. President Sall then travelled to Bokidiawé, where he visited a rice processing plant.

5th and final day

 The last day of the Economic Tour stood out as that of the official launch of rehabilitation works on the Nationale 2 Motorway, between Ndioum and Bakel, in Ourossogui.

Once again, President Macky Sall implemented his model to good benefit: “PACTE” (Pragmatism, Action, Contact, Terrain, and an Ear to the Populations), serving every part of the population, without discrimination.