The Government

The Government

The Government
  • Mr. Amadou BA
    Prime Minister
  • Mr. Sidiki KABA
    Minister of the Interior
  • Mr. El Hadji Omar YOUM
    Minister of the Armed Forces
  • Mrs. Aïssata TALL SALL
    Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice
  • Mr. Ismaila Madior FALL
    Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Senegalese Diaspora
  • Mr. Antoine Félix Abdoulaye DIOME
    Minister of Oil and Energy
  • Mr. Mamadou Moustapha BA
    Minister of Finance and Budget
  • Mr. Amadou Mansour FAYE
    Minister of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Opening Up
  • Mr. Mame Mbaye Kan NIANG
    Minister of Tourism and Leisure
  • Mr. Doudou KA
    Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation
  • Mr. Serigne MBAYE THIAM
    Minister of Water and Sanitation
  • Mr. Cheikh Oumar ANNE
    Minister of National Education
  • Mrs. Mariama SARR
    Minister of Vocational Training, Apprenticeship and Integration
  • Mr. Samba Ndiobène KA
    Minister of Agriculture, Rural Equipment and Food Sovereignty
  • Mr. Moussa BALDE
    Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation
  • Mr. Oumar SARR
    Minister for Mining and Geology
  • Mrs. Fatou DIANE
    Minister for Women, the Family and the Protection of Children
  • Mr. Samba SY
    Minister of Labor, Social Dialogue and Relations with Institutions
  • Mrs. Marie Khemesse NGOM NDIAYE
    Minister of Health and Social Action
  • Mr. Alioune NDOYE
    Minister of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Ecological Transition
  • Mr. Abdoulaye Saydou SOW
    Minister of Urban Planning, Housing and Public Hygiene
  • Mr. Abdou Karim FOFANA
    Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Small and Medium Enterprises, Government Spokesperson
  • Mr. Moustapha DIOP
    Minister of Industrial Development and Small and Medium-Sized Industries
  • Mr. Papa Sagna MBAYE
    Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy
  • Mr. Modou DIAGNE Fada
    Minister of Territorial Authorities, Planning and Territorial Development
  • Mr. Antoine MBENGUE
    Minister of Air Transport and Airport Infrastructure Development
  • Mr. Pape Malick NDOUR
    Minister of Youth, Entrepreneurship and Employment
  • Mr. Daouda DIA
    Minister of Livestock and Animal Production
  • Mr. Moussa Bocar THIAM
    Minister of Communication, Telecommunications and Digital
  • Mr. Gallo BA
    Minister of the Civil Service and Public Sector Transformation
  • Mrs. Victorine Anquediche NDEYE
    Minister of Microfinance and the Social and Solidarity Economy
  • Mr. Aliou SOW
    Minister of Culture and Historical Heritage
  • Mrs. Thérèse FAYE DIOUF
    Minister of Community Development, National Solidarity and Social and Territorial Equity
  • Mr. Lat DIOP
    Minister of Sports
  • Mr. Birame FAYE
    Minister of Crafts and Transformation of the Informal Sector
  • Mr. Pape Amadou NDIAYE
    Minister, attached to the Minister of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Opening Up, responsible for Railway Development
  • Mrs. Annette SECK
    Minister, attached to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad, in charge of Senegalese Diaspora
  • Mr. Mamadou Saliou SOW
    Minister, attached to the Minister of the Interior, responsible for local security and civil protection
  • Mr. El Hadji Momar SAMBE
    Minister, attached to the Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice, responsible for Good Governance and the Promotion of Human Rights
  • Mr. Issakha DIOP
    Minister, attached to the Minister of Water and Sanitation, responsible for Flood Prevention and Management