Senegal in International Rankings

in International Rankings


Senegal is ranked amongst the first 10 countries having improved the most their regulation of the business climate according to the latest Doing Business Report (2015) of the World Bank Group: “Thanks to its reforms, Senegal is gradually closing the gap with the best practices seen elsewhere ».

It has risen from the 178th spot to the 161st out of a total of 189 countries. The Report notes that Senegal has implemented reforms in six of ten fields covered by « Doing Business ». In 2005, for example, it took 27 days to import goods from overseas. « Today, it only needs 14 days, or as much as in Poland »”, the Report notes. In 2016, Senegal rose again 3 ranks.


Senegal gained 4.6 points in 2014 and ranked amongst Africa’s five best performers over five years alongside Côte d’Ivoire (+7.8 pts), Guinea (+6.5 pts), Niger (+5.5 pts) and Zimbabwe (+5.4 pts).

It remained in 9th place for 2015. Senegal is also one of the 6 countries having seen an improvement in each of the four categories of the Index. It is in the “participation and respect of human rights” section that Senegal posted its best score.

Within the sub-region, Senegal ranked 3rd, behind Cape Verde and Ghana. The Global Governance Index in the West African sub-region gains 1.3 points this year (delivering the 2nd best performance on the continent, behind North Africa).


Senegal improved by 14 spots between 2013 and 2015, making for the best progression in the world. Moreover, with a gain of 4.6 points, Senegal recorded the 3rd best progression on the continent in terms of democracy, behind Tunisia and Ivory Coast.

« A relative momentum for the progress of democracy was reached, notably by some countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, where improvements in advancing democracy and society as well as economic development are clear », the Report adds.

Based in Vienna, Austria, Democracy Ranking is an independent organization that produces annual reports on democracy index throughout the world.


Senegal has improved by 7 points since 2012 in the freedom of the press index with 48 points in total. In the Freedom House's world freedom index, since 2012, Senegal has moved from “partially free” to “free” thanks to the peaceful transition of government in 2012.

« Senegal maintained the positive trajectory that began when President Macky Sall took office in early 2012, with improvements including better enforcement of legal protections, fewer legal cases against the press, and decreases in harassment and attacks against journalists both while covering the news and in retaliation for their reporting. ».

This positive outcome has resulted in a gain of 4 points in the Freedom Of Press Index in Senegal since 2012, previously in decline. Senegal is therefore amongst the Top 5 countries with the best progression

Press in Senegal is considered one of the freest in the region, with Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Mali.


Senegal now ranks 61 out of 167 countries (the 167th being perceived as the most corrupted). In 2012, Senegal was 94th.

According to the Report, Senegal is one of the countries where the situation improved during last years.

« Greece, Senegal, and the UK are some of the countries that have seen a significant improvement in their scores since 2012 ».

Thus, the Report highlights: « Overall a number of countries have all improved (in the areas covered by the index) in recent years, notably Senegal, which has risen significantly since the government introduced a series of anti-corruption measures »».