High Council of Labor Relations

The High Council on Labor Relations is the national tripartite institution for social dialogue. It has replaced the National Committee for Social Dialogue.

It is composed of thirty members, including ten representing the Government, ten representing employers, and ten representing labor unions, all appointed by decree.

The High Council on Labor Relations also comprises five specialized tripartite commissions. Namely:
• The Social Mediation Commission;
• The Training and Awareness Commission;
• The Communication and Press Commission;
• The Social Protection Commission;
• And the Gender and Professional Relations Commission.

Its President is assisted in his duties by an Executive Secretary. Both are appointed by decree.

The President is supported by three Vice-Presidents, one for each branch: Employers, Workers, and Government.

The purpose of the High Council on Labor Relations is to:
• Facilitate and mediate social dialogue between all stakeholders;
• Support and train stakeholders on preventing, managing, and solving social conflicts;
• Set up appropriate social dialogue mechanisms at the sectoral and national level, including at the branch and enterprise level;
• Carry out or mandate any study deemed useful on the status and perspectives of social dialogue;
• And to draw up the annual report on the state of social dialogue and submit it to the President of the Republic.

The High Council on Labor Relations is also in charge of providing the Executive Secretary of the Technical Committee of the National Pact for Social Stability and Economic Emergence. To this end, it is designed to implement the Pact and coordinate its overall monitoring and evaluation.
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