Les Hymnes

The National Anthem

Everybody, strum your koras, beat your balafons
The Red Lion has roared.
The jungle tamer
Advanced forward by a leap,
Dispelling the darkness.
Sun upon our fears, Sun upon our hopes.
Rise, brothers, for the united Africa

Fibers of my green heart.
Shoulder to shoulder, my more-than-brothers,
Senegalese people, rise!
Let’s unite seas and rivers, let’s unite steppes and forests!
We salute you, mother Africa.

Senegal, son of the lion’s foam,
Your surge out of the night in the gallop of horses,
Grant us, oh! Grant us the pride of our ancestors,
Beautiful as ebony and strong as muscle
Our words are righteous – the sword has no burr.


Senegal, we make your great plan ours:
Give a shelter to the chicks to keep the kites away
To make out of it, from East to West and from North to South,
a people, standing as one man, a people without constraint
But a people following all the winds of the world.


Senegal, just like you, like all our heroes,
We will be strict, without hatred and with our two arms open.
The sword shall remain in peace in its sheath,
Because labor will be our weapon along with our voice.
The Bantu is our brother, and the Arab and the White man.


But shall the enemy set our borders on fire
We will all stand arms in the fist:
One people, in his faith, defying all calamities
Young and old, men and women.
To the death, yes! We say yes to death, but not to disgrace.


Other Anthems

The Chant of the Youth

First verse:

For you, oh Senegal,
Country of light,
We are like the big green palm trees,
Our ancestors, since their black childhood,
Have set forth a straight path
And forged our faith.

Second verse:

As Lat Dior Ngoné Latyr,
Reaching out our young hearts towards you sun,
Yes, if we have to
Tomorrow will give our last breath
To defend you, our homeland!

Third verse:

For you, oh Senegal,
For you, our country,
We will be always united in action,
In the fields and the factories,
In the city or in the village,
We will work with joy
For the Senegal to live!

Chorus :

We say no! Ngoné Latyr(bis)
We say no! To the fear that makes to flee.
We say yes! Ngoné Latyr(bis)
We say yes! To the call of pride.

Anthem of the African Renaissance

First part: Senegal

Surge out of our fields
Of our cities and towns,
The cry of our country,
Here is the Senegal!

Chorus :

Senegal! Senegal! (bis)
Freedom fighters
Senegal! Senegal! (bis)
Forward! Forward!

Second part: Africa

From the sea to the country
The savannah and the forest,
The cry of mother Africa,
Here come the Africans!

Boys and young ladies,
Workers and peasants,
Hurry, let’s save Africa!
Here come the Africans!

Chorus :

Africans! Africans! (bis)
Freedom fighters
Africans! Africans! (bis)
Forward! Forward!
Macky Sall
President of the Republic
of Senegal
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